• Financial services

Financial sector

Kazakhstan's financial sector comprises banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, financial trading firms, etc. This sector represents a very complicated system which is strictly regulated by the state. 
A team of experts of BDO Kazakhstan are highly competent in addressing the objectives in this sector, helps its clients to respond quickly to change, and adapt to new market conditions.



  • House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (HCSBK)
  • ATFBank
  • National Investment Corporation of National Bank of Kazakhstan (NIC)
  • HSBC Holdings plc
  • Halyk Bank
  • KazAgroFinance
  • SB Bank of China in Kazakhstan
  • Kazakhstan Mortgage Company
  • Single Accumulative Pension Fund (SAPF)
  • Insurance payments guarantee fund
  • Еurasian Тrade System Сommodity Exchange (ETS)