• Indirect Tax News - Issue 1/2017

Indirect Tax News - Issue 1/2017

03 April 2017

Under Australia’s current Goods and Services Tax (GST) legislation, GST is generally not imposed on cross border supplies of intangibles and services by offshore suppliers to Australian consumers. Similarly, GST is not imposed on supplies of low value imported goods (customs value of less than AUD 1,000) to Australian consumers. New legislation has been introduced and further legislative changes are proposed to ensure that, from 1 July 2017, GST will be imposed on those supplies.


  • AUSTRALIA: GST on intangibles, services, and low value imported goods
  • ARGENTINA: Creation of substitute taxpayers when foreign subjects render services in Argentina
  • BELGIUM: VAT exemption for “Cost Sharing Associations” – new regulation 
  • COLOMBIA: Recent changes to VAT 
  • FINLAND:Changes in reporting and accounting for VAT
  • GERMANY: Consignment stock – possible simplification?
  • THE GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL STATES: VAT to be introduced in 2018
  • INDONESIA VAT and/or Luxury Tax reimbursements to contractors in upstream oil and gas activities
  • ITALY: VAT groups
  • JAPAN: Revision of Consumption Tax rules related to provision of cross-border electronic services
  • LATVIA: Changes in taxation periods
  • NORWAY: The VAT representative scheme is changing
  • SERBIA: Alignment of Serbian VAT legislation with EU VAT rules
  • SINGAPORE: GST registration liability
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Non-executive directors – employee, VAT vendor or both?
  • SPAIN: Preparing for entry into force of the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) system \ Spanish VAT treatment of vouchers
  • SRI LANKA: Recent VAT changes