• Legal Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence

During the Legal Due Diligence, we survey a legal basis of company’ activities, describe its main business processes (internal and external) from the point of view of the civil law, verify legal “cleanness’ of the title of property, identify the existing encumbrances, identify and assess legal risks and find ways to mitigate them. We recommend carrying out Legal Due Diligence in case of major business purchase or assets purchase transactions, including real estate, business restructuring in the presence of negative development trends.

Comprehensive due diligence will protect you from hostile takeovers. It will also be very helpful if you wish to expand your business, to sell the shares of your company. Due diligence is required if you want to start working with a foreign company or change the management system of contracts/agreements conclusion with contractors. In the course of the legal due diligence, the risks related to the transaction are identified; therefore it is reduced the probability of further disputes and disagreements between the parties of the transaction.