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  • Годовые отчеты BDO

Годовые отчеты BDO

The BDO story is an amazing one. At the end of 2018, our global organisation has grown to include 80,000 people working out of 162 countries & territories who’ve generated revenues of US$9 billion. Our past achievements continue to be a strong foundation for us, but the world is changing and we must focus now on defining our future and becoming the BDO of tomorrow – today. This year’s GLOBAL REVIEW aims to demonstrate and clarify how we’re going about achieving this. 

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   At BDO, we believe that leadership starts with who we are, so we asked our global strategic leaders to tell us about what drives them as leaders and how they see BDO’s leadership stance helping to guarantee our organisation’s continuing success in the future.
  We’ve worked hard in 2018 to define our organisation’s fundamental reason for being, our WHY. Across all BDO firms, our WHY is shaping how we work with our clients, how we support our colleagues and how we interact with our communities. We are one organisation, united under a common cause.
  BDO provides our people and our clients with opportunities. And we do this through our commitment to exceptional client service and by being leaders in our markets, no matter in which country, service line or industry.
  BDO’s focus on digital progression is driving our new service approach. Our digital transformation drives value for our clients and improves business efficiency and profitability – for them and for us, because we are all facing the same challenges in today’s fast-paced business environment.
  At BDO, we know that we must remain our clients’ advisers of choice in the future and so our people readily embrace technology and ensure that they approach client issues with a digital mindset.
  We support greater transparency by all audit firms as we believe that this increases confidence in the audit profession and enables our firms to improve their credibility and their reputation for integrity. Our Transparency Report covers quality, risk management, the regulatory environment and governance.

The essential stats relating to BDO’s global performance in 2018.


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